Weiss Technik Temperature & Climate Test Chambers

The WTS-3/WKS-3 test system is based on our tried and true modules, the WT and WK SERIES, now offer increased power for heating, cooling and circulating air. These chambers have volumes ranging from 800 liters, and are capable of meeting virtually all requirements of contemporary ESS testing.


Electrodynamic Shaker

Sdyn’s SEV and SEW series of Electrodynamic Shaker produces vibration based on the principle of magnetism. The SEV series is air-cooled and SEW series is water cooled, respectively. The product portfolio covers all ranges of shaker, from 10 kgf up to 2000 kgf and beyond.An Electrodynamic Shaker has two separate coils, one is stationary and the other is dynamic. A stationary coil or Field Coil helps in magnetizing the iron to produce magnetic field lines and current flowing in the dynamic coil or Armature Coil interacts with these magnetic field lines to produce motion. This principle of magnetism is based on Maxwell’s Right Hand Rule and Fleming’s Left Hand Rule.

ESS Testing Chamber

CSZ’s Temperature Test Chamber is an environmental chamber that interfaces with a customer tester load frame. This chamber is required to expose various materials and components to temperature conditions while undergoing tests.Chambers are designed to accommodate the internal and external size restrictions to properly interface with the load frame along with custom-sized ports at the top and bottom of the environmental chamber for the actuator piston to penetrate through. These chambers are built for easy removal from the load frame.


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